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About this site

Welcome to my website.
This is a travel photo gallery. I have taken all the photos.
Year of shooting are displayed at the bottom of the photos.

Articles as well as photos of this website is not up to date.
Don't reprint photos without permission.

Notation system
In this site, the long vowel of Japanese are written in "ā, ū, ē, ō". (e.g. Tōkyō, Ōsaka)
In addition, the name of the Japanese, are written in the original order. (e.g. Kurosawa Akira)

Site name
The site name "Zattabi" is a coined word that I made.
In Japanese, "zatta (多)" means miscellaneous, "tabi (旅)" means trip.

About me
Nickname: umi
Nationality: Japanese
Country of residence: Japan